Kismet Analytics is a Data Science firm that specializes in developing bespoke analytics solutions for the natural and life sciences industry.

Started in 2017 with a founding team of over 40 years experience in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, statistics and computer science, we strive to deliver the absolute best and most thorough data solutions in this industry vertical.

Ibrahim Yunnan, CEO, PhD

Ibrahim has worked in the biostatistics field for over 25 years, first as a researcher, where he used Bayesian methods to model disease/gene relationships using data based on protein interactions, and later as a product manager and strategist. He started Kismet Analytics as a way to accelerate common speed bumps life science companies face when building new products and maximizing efficiency.

Jonathan Bechtel, Technical Lead

Jonathan has over 10 years experience working in biochemical nutrition, statistics, and most importantly……a lot of elbow grease working with models and getting data to behave in various ways. He works with team members to direct project strategy and blend together code, data and results.

Clara Hayes-Barton, MS

Clara has an MPH from Rutgers and loves all things statistical forecasting and python. And even better when the two work together. When she’s not doing a time-series analysis she’s an avid cook and mother of two children.

Ethan Harris, Data Scientist

Ethan originally went to grad school for biochemistry before deciding life at a laptop beat life in a lab. He’s a battle-tested data jockey who has more fun the weirder his data gets. He spends his day cutting his teeth in Scikit Learn, Tensorflow, and Apache Spark.

Julie Wasserman, Customer Support Specialist

Julie is a recovering philosophy student who spends her time bridging the gap between client needs and the brainy fervor that spills out of the brainstorming sessions that happen in the company office. She’s an avid dog lover and sheepishly moonlights as a poet when she’s not hunched over in front of a freshdesk ticket.

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