Deep Learning

We excel at building predicting models out of a wide variety of structured and unstructured data to help your company be at the cutting edge of a wide variety of diagnostic frontiers. We have a specialty in transfer learning, which allows us to create deeply layered neural networks with remarkable accuracy, even if sample size is relatively small.

Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

Building useful predictions out of time-based data is absolutely critical, whether it be disease progression, stochastic jump points, or simply creating useful forecasts about predicted sales. We can quickly create a variety of ARIMA, state space models and more using frequentist and bayesian approaches.

To be frank, I was shocked at the ability of the team at Kismet Analytics to create such a useful predictive model with the amount of data we gave them. I was convinced we had only a fraction of the imaging data necessary to compete with companies 10x the size of ours.

Sarah Schziaen, MD, BioZen

Visualization and Dashboarding

Data has no use if it’s not organized and formatted in a way that’s easily understood. We work with key decision makers to create customized, bespoke visual and analytics dashboards to help management assess, forecast, and digest key business metrics as they happen. Tableau is our tool of choice, and we can easily aggregate all of your organization’s data to make it intuitive and automated.

Data Management and Warehousing

Many of the most important business processes in the life sciences are very data intensive, and this requires building high throughput data pipelines that connect to your analytical workflow. We primarily use Apache Spark to create high performance data management workloads that effortlessly fit into a machine learning workflow to make unique and powerful insights the business standard.

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